Pictures from Expedition Exhibition May 2013News

Posted by 4x Thu, August 08, 2013 16:36:29

”Expedition Exhibition”, a show held at Atelier Petrejus in Hammarbyhöjden on May 25-26 2013 by the art group 4x: John Andersson, Peter Bigestans, Joakim Hansén and Niklas Nenzén.

In addition to showing their paintings and drawings, 4x built a jungle for the show, and populated it with statues, animals and a resident monster. On the vernissage day a lecture on the epistemological and poetic nature of research expeditions was held by Mattias Forshage. Mattias and Emma Lundenmark later read poetry.

All photos were taken by 4x and Eva Bigestans.

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The house of exhibition. Photo: Eva Bigestans

Blog imageJA polishing the egyptians. Photo: NN

Blog imageEntrance. Photo: NN

Blog imageHanging and experimenting with lighting. Photo: JH

Blog imageSwedish and Egyptian guests. Photo: Eva Bigestans

Blog image3/4 X: artists PB, JH and JA. Photo: Eva Bigestans

Blog imageThe jungle grove shows its teeth (and its scrotum). Photo: NN

Blog imageThe wall toward the entrance. Photo: JH

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Mattias Forshage lecturing on old Swedish explorers and imagination, in front of JA´s paintings. Photo: Eva Bigestans

Blog imagePB and the jungle. Photo: JH

Blog imageFrom left to right: four large paintings by JH, three small drawings by NN and a group of paintings/drawings by JA. Photo: JH

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Left wall: a large painting by JA, two small by NN. Right wall: above; two paintings by PB, below; three paintings by JH. Photo: Eva Bigestans

Blog imageNN with five of his acrylic paintings. Above: the tail of PB´s trompe l’œil lizard. Photo: JA

Blog imageThe resident monster in camouflage green. Photo: JH

Blog imageView from a reflecting window toward the street. Photo: NN

Blog imagePainting by PB. Photo: NN

Blog imagePaintings and a drawing by NN. Photo: NN

Blog imageNN and JA. Photo Eva Bigestans

Blog imageAbove: a painting by JH, below a painting by PB. Photo: NN

Blog imageEmma Lundenmark and Mattias Forshage reading poetry between two of JH´s paintings. Behind them two smaller painting by PB and JH respectively. The latter partly covered by a collective installation. Above them a trompe l’œil pipe-snake by PB. Photo: NN

Blog imageEmma bangs on a boar with her hammer while reading. Photo: NN

Blog imageMattias still reading. Photo: NN

Blog imageJungle installation in blue. To the left a painting by PB. Photo: JH

Blog imageSix paintings by JA. Photo: NN

Blog imageThree paintings by NN. Photo: NN

Blog imageLeft to right: seven small paintings/drawings by NN, one large painting by JH, a smaller painting by PB and a somewhat larger painting by JH, which is here mostly covered by the collective installation. Photo: JH

Blog imageLeft wall: One large painting by JA, two smaller ones by NN. Right wall: two paintings by PB. Photo: NN

Blog imageTwo drawings by JA. Photo: NN

Blog imageMattias Forshage still lecturing. Photo NN

Blog imagePainting by JH in the entrance hall. Photo: NN

Blog imageHelmet-carrying visitors. Photo: JH

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Paintings by NN. Photo: NN

Blog imageWorks by JA, seen through foliage. Photo: NN

Blog imageJA wrapping it up. Photo: NN

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Exhibition May 25-26 2013News

Posted by 4x Sun, May 19, 2013 14:39:25

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4x present Expedition Exhibition, paintings and drawings by 4X:

John Andersson

Peter Bigestans

Joakim Hansén

Niklas Nenzén

Atelier Petrejus, Kvarteret Spindeln

Petrejusvägen 34

T-bana Hammarbyhöjden

Vernissage: Saturday May 25 12.00 - 18.00

Also open 12.00 - 16.00

UPDATE: On Saturday, after the opening a lecture on the epistemological and poetic nature of research expeditions will be held by Mattias Forshage. After that we will get to hear poems / recollections / notes on the silky fur of the llama by Emma Lundenmark.

Below: Machine and nature by Joakim Hansén, Munchhausen warlord by John Andersson, Jungle pastry by Niklas Nenzén and Fisherman´s friend by Peter Bigestans.

John Andersson är känd från Galago och Kapten Stofil och är liksom Niklas Nenzén medlem i Surrealistgruppen. Tillsammans ger de ut serietidningen Diabolik.

Även Peter Bigestans har en fot i serievärlden och har publicerat sina samarbeten med John Andersson i Galago och Hjärnstorm och arbetar med eget experimentellt måleri.

Joakim Hansén är influerad av underground, popart och surrealism. Han har de senaste åren haft sin bas i Paris, där han regelbundet ställer ut.